Hank Jones (1918-2010) is also frequent visitor to Japan. There are so many topis related with Japan. For me, the most impacted are;

① The first period The Great Jazz Trio.

Japanese label, EAST WIND had strong intention to work with Hank Jones and The Great Jazz Trio and made so many records.(Hank Jones, Ron Carter and Tony Williams)

  1. I’M OLD FASCIONED (recorded in May, 1976) with Sadao Watanabe (as)
  2. LOVE FOR SALE (recorded in May, 1976)
  3. LIVE AT THE VILLAGE VANGUARD 1, 2, AGAIN (recorded in Feb.,1977)
  4. BIRD OF PARADISE (recorded in May, 1977) with Sadao Watanabe (flying disc)
  5. more

Even though I always like Sadao Watanabe, however, I got highest impact with LIVE AT THE VILLAGE VANGUARD. That is, probably, I like Tony Williams’ strong drumming.

It was said that at that time Hank Jones was not in front of jazz scene, then EAST WIND’s effort made him back to top jazz scene in New York !! After that Hank Jones were pro-Japanese.

The great lazz trio Moose The Mooche

② Tokyo Jazz 2006

It was a jazz festival event, however, very special program were coordinated in respect of Hank Jones.

4 pianos (8 handed) performance with Hank Jones, Chick Corea, Hiromi Uehara and Austin Peralta !!, called ENCOUNTER.

Also, Sadao Watanabe (as), John Patitucci (b) and Omar Hakim (ds).

Hank Jones Trio, Sadao Watanabe, Chick Corea, Hiromi, Austin Peralta – Tokyo Jazz 2006

③ still so many others, like Hank Jones served Visiting Professor at Osaka College of Music in ’92, and Tadataka Unno (海野雅威)saw Hank Jones at the last….

What is your impact with Hank Jones ??