Long time ago in 60s or 70s, where there was a big boom of jazz kissa/ jazz cafe, it was said that taste of coffeee at jazz kissa was terrible. Just dark, too strong. Oh my god !! In that sense I do not want to be back to those days !!

Nowadays, as far as I know, taste of coffeee at jazz kissa/ jazz cafe are so nice. Very careful to brew. Some cafes have mill and each time they grind it. Whole inside cafe are filled with nice coffee flavor. Nice flavor and nice music. Of course they match perfectly.

In addition, here at Kanda Coffee (Kanda Jimbocho 2-38-10), they have bean roaster !!

Roasting flavor is different with grinding and dripping flavor, however, we could be more expected nice coffee to be coming !!

It is said that flavor can keep only 1-2 weeks after roasted. Quick serve could be possible that cafe has roaster !!

Kanda Coffee has 4 cafes in Jimbocho area;

Kanda Coffee = Jimbocho 2-38-10

Kanda Coffee the second= JImbocho 2-10

Kissako = Jimbocho 2-24-3

Sendai Coffee = Jimbocho 3-4-1

Following is their special menu, GEISHA coffee. Color is rather blight, like tea. Aroma is so fruity. This is so called “speciality coffee”.

This is one direction to match jazz music with coffee flavor/ aroma !!

神田神保町 神田珈琲+きっさこ=極上の開放感とコーヒーへの拘り
9. VLOG: What is Gesha Coffee?