Tokyo Opera City, Hatsudai, provided a very nice event called “MIDSUMMER JAZZ” on Aug.19,2023.

Appeared musicians are;

Ami Ogaeri 魚返明未 key

Riku Takahashi 高橋陸 b

Kaito Nakamura 中村海斗 ds

All members are familiar at Jazz Club performance so often.

1st stage started at around 17:40. Still it was murderously hot at daytime in Tokyo, however, just recently, we feel that there came soft and comfortable breeze in the evening. The peak of heat will be faded out shortly, we hope.

In such a circumstance, many people came out in the evening to Tokyo Opera City. It is Saturday. Feeling highly relaxed. Then, Ami Ogaeri trio helped them feel much more relaxed with their smooth and comfortable keyboard trio music. Sometimes hot! Oh, but nobody complain the heat comes again!

It reminds me of the memories long time ago, like 40 years ago, I enjoyed summer jazz festival held outside from daytime until evening. Of course it was same, murderously hot in daytime, and comfortable breeze we felt in the evening. I am happy to know that such an enthusiastic days are kept maintained.

Today we got a great news from Ami Ogaeri that shortly they will release new album with these members !! Next week they will have recording. Excited to be waiting !!