YES There a not a few cafe who got effort in lunch menu. On previous post, I said, CURRY AND RICE, and PASTA match with Jazz cafe lunch. Then how about this eye catch photo menu ?? It is of MASAKO, SHIMOKITAZAWA.

please see;

This is so called “NYUMEN”, which is soumen noodle in hot mushroom soup.

CURRY AND RICE, and PASTA are traditionally in western dishes. (Japanese curry is originally from UK, not directly from India) Therefore I said, can match with jazz.

Then how about this NYUMEN ?? It is completely Japanese traditional.

Of course taste itself is very nice. Please try.

(Frankly speaking, it was better for me not with coffee. herb tea is better. Or even tea.)

I remember long time ago when I got strong interest to operate wine party together with friends. Once we had it at DUG with all seats reserved. I myself was responsible to select wine and jazz CD. Which play is match with strong red wine (syrah) ?? Which one match with elegant white wine (chardonnay)……

Then, this time how about thinking which one is nice for CURRY AND RICE, which one is nice for NYUMEN ??

Such kind of harmless and childish playing is to activate Jazz cafe culture, probably ♪♪

In any way, each jazz cafe has been doing the best not only to be survived currently but also to develop in the coming days !!