Native Son was born in 1978 and the first album, NATIVE SON, was released in 1979.

Takehiro Honda (key), Kosuke Mine (ts), Motonobu Ode (g), Tamio Kawabata (b) and Hiroshi Murakami (ds).

The sales was favorable, however, as far as I remember, critics comments were not so just because they knew very much of all members already in traditional line of jazz, had more expected, and generally, critics did not accept fusion at that time…..probably.

Anyway, NATIVE SON released the second album, SAVANNA HOT LINE in 1979.

[1979] Native Son ‎– Savanna Hot-Line [Full Album]

We were informed that NATIVE SON members had a tour to Kenya, Africa in 2 weeks (Jul.26-Aug.7th) before they recorded that album. Definitely it became the tour to double confirm their origin, and deepen their music !! I myself like this album very much and still got strong impact at 1979.

We heard yesterday that some kind of tribute event to NATIVE SON is planned to be executed in summer this year. No doubt to join there !!

3 original members, Takehiro Honda, Tamio Kawabata and Motonobu Ode were already left the earth. R.I.P.

eye catch photo is of Akira Taguchi from SWING JOURNAL Nov.1979