It should be extremely delightful that Jazz Kissa or Jazz Cafe is becoming more popular in the world. It should be a great culture of made in Japan, like a Karaoke or Anime.

Then, what is the major concepts of Jazz Kissa or Jazz Cafe for foreign people other than Japan ??

I hope it not just as “coffee shop where there is jazz record playing”

There are so many contents like “strong insistence to great jazz and audio”, “comfortable place with nice jazz”, “wonderful match of jazz and taste of drinks, coffee or others”. Also, one of the most important point is “atmosphere” with long history, like Paris cafe or Italian bar.

And how would they like to name it, Jazz Kissa or Jazz Cafe ??

Long time ago, translation of ジャズ喫茶 was Jazz Cafe, then nowadays more popular as Jazz Kissa. (“Kissa” is just a reading in Japanese language like Karaoke.)

It looks that so many people are insisting that it should be “Jazz Kissa”.

In my opinion, there are roughly two characters in Jazz Kissa or Jazz Cafe in Japan.

One is focusing “TRADITION”, with heavy sounds, without talking inside, respecting musicians.

The other is focusing “CURRENT”, with nice coffee, nice talking with friends and relaxing inside.

I try to call Jazz Kissa for focusing TRADITION. And Jazz Cafe for focusing CURRENT.

Of course nothing to do which is better for me. I like both.

The question is only how and what foreign people focusing Jazz Kissa or Jazz Cafe in Japan ????

Jazz Kissa ジャズ喫茶へ行こう。