Who is the first encounter of jazz musician for jazz lovers ??

It depends, of course. Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Chick Corea, Weather Report…… ??

However, I have never seen such a people who said “Eric Dolphy” !! Furthermore, after 40 years old !!

That is Jakucho Setouchi (May 15, 1922- Nov.9, 2021)( novelist and buddhist monk) 

Yes. It was announced of her passing away at age of 99. R.I.P.

Of course she was a novelist, and it it should be introducing her great works, however, here only the talks about jazz.

She used to be not so familiar with music for a long time. Then, after 40 years old, there was a chance that her younger friend gave her one record of jazz. It was the first encounter.

I felt I was trembling with my whole body, I felt I was crying after listening.

Then, I realized that this is the MUSIC.

I felt like I was surrounded by infinite number of birds in the deep forest.

I saw a lake, I saw white fog was streaming in the top of woods.

I listened sounds of a little stream, I listened a horn from outside of the forest.

Oh, it is the words of novelist at the encounter to Eric Dolphy !!

Of course, today, it is the time to recollect Jakucho Setouchi with Eric Doply.

Eric Dolphy – Epistrophy from "Last Date"