This post and comings are to share updated Jazz Cafe scene in Tokyo, mainly for foreign Jazz lovers.

Nowadays it is commonly considered that Jazz cafe culture in Japan is very unique and distinctive. I know there are a lot of introductions to the world. However, it is OK. Nothing is enough for deep and wide culture♪♪ Thank you.

Firstly with general guidance in the history;

It was in 1929, as an established theory, the first Jazz cafe was born in Tokyo. Its name was 「Blackbird」

However, this post is not for the details. I think the most important topis is in Jan.1961. One of the biggest boom of Jazz is developed in Japan when ART BLAKEY AND THE JAZZ MESSENGERS made the first visit to Japan. Also, in Feb.1961, one of the most prestigious Jazz cafe in Japan made a birth. Its name was 「DIG」(later changed to 「DUG」, which is still existent). Who of Jazz lovers would not accept these two issues are much connected ??

Talking about myself, I came to Tokyo in 1985, when already hottest Jazz cafe boom was finished. Oh how pity it should be !! No way. I can imagine it anytime I visit any cafe even now.

Jazz itself has a long history and wide variety. Then, one of the most important point for Jazz cafe is the same. WIDE VARIETY. There are so many Jazz cafe in Tokyo area. Each cafe has each own character.

From the next, each cafe character will be shared here. Maybe it takes time…. It should be much pleasure that somebody can think more WHY THIS UNIQUE CULTURE WAS BORN IN JAPAN, also IF THERE IS ANY ISSUE TO THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE ??

Thank you very much.