When we remind Poo-san (Masabumi Kikuchi)(1939-2015), there came a story with Miles Davis.

It is said that Poo san followed Miles’s direction after released Bitches Brew, the most in Japan. In fact, Poo san became some session with Miles in 1978, which was so impacted in Japan through jazz magazine, SWING JOURNAL. Quite unfortunately there is no sound source. Really ??? There should be !!!

Poo san’s most famous album is, maybe, “SUSTO” (1981), where there is strong impact from Miles.

[1981] Masabumi Kikuchi – Susto [Full Album]

Poo-san is a man of keeping alone in the high place. However, we can feel consistently his mind of elegance in his base. In that sense maybe he had a strongest relationship with Gary Peacock.

Then, we got his new recording recently.

It was recorded in 2013, two years before his death due to cancer. What there should be in the world to explain it other than beauty ?? Of course there should have been concentration and energy. “HANAMICHI(花道)” means elevated passageway. This real masterpiece is Poo-san’s elevated passageway !!