WHEN I HAVE ARRIVED IN HONG KONG, I came straight to Chungking Mansion. I have many times been to Hong Kong, but never had a chance to stay there. Why ??

It is just I came here on business.

But this time it is completely not on business. No need to worry about appointment with customers.

Well, in any way when I see the view again at the entrance of Chungking Mansion, I am surprised to feel the strong gravitation.

Then, what is the difference between PENINSULA Hotel, which is one of the most luxurious hotel in the world ??

For me, strange to say, Peninsula is for my VIRTUAL world, then Chungking Mansion is for my REAL world. Why I came by virtual tour to look for the real world ?? I am confusing !!

It is good to stop thinking.

Then, I am going to approach to one of the man of touting at the entrance. In fact there are so many touting. Or others they are trying to sell imitation brand-watches and other goods.

Honestly speaking I am not familiar with negotiation at such a place. I try to choose the most soft and kind touting man. But it was too tough. All the people look similar for me.

But I got am image of pricing. 80 HK Dollar per night is reasonable !  Quickyly decided.

Honestly speaking, I did not expect a lot for the room. It was completely the same as imagined. Small room with one bed. If I bring my suitcase, where I could place it ?? I see small cockroach in the bathtub. Sound of air conditioner is so loud. (but definitely need it).

Bed sheets is not so white… But it is OK. It is my REAL world.

OK. Then go to the Kowloon Walled City !!   

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