Last Tokyo Marathon, oh it was the highest pity I abandoned my lottery won just because of COVID 19. I do not want to talk about the politics…

Furthermore, it is my own individual issue, however, I got a physical operation for my Ureter Stones. For 2 months I was reluctant to go out and move. In fact, there were so many reasons to rest running after COVID 19.

OK. Don’t keep excuse any more!

I bought a new running shoes. It is extremely comfortable. Just a pair of new shoes put on my feet, IMMEDIATELY I feel like starting to run ahead.

What is the difference between the old shoes ??

Of course I know 2 years blank is so long for me. I can not say how long I had a run tonight.

But it is my special skill to go “step by step” extremely plainly.

Next year I will buy another new shoes to grade up, which is recommended by shoes shop staff.

See you friends, at marathon race in somewhere. Hope it could be Tokyo Marathon !!