THAI GREEN CURRY vs แกงเขียวหวาน


Green curry is one of the most popular Thai cuisine together with TOM YUM KUNG.

By the way, who named “CURRY” for this one ?

I am never b familiar with Thai language, just they say there is no meaning of CURRY, like Indian Curry in Thai cuisine.

แกงเขียวหวาน consists from 3 words, “soup” “green” and “sweet”.

We just think image of curry and soup is different.

In Japan, curry is so popular like national dish, and usually it is thicken.

Soup is never be thicken. Smooth.

Probably, at thee beginning that Thai Green Curry becomes familiar in Japan, people were confusing between “Thick” and “Smooth”.

However, nowadays already Smooth Thai Curry is enough familiar !!

Furthermore, it is rather easy to make local taste green curry in Japan. Let’s try !!

  1. INGREDIENTS (Material) for paste;

Green chili,

Okura (if quite spicy one is required, only green chili is OK),


Thai ginger

Thai onion

Lemon grass

Kaffir Lime




Some of Krill (If you got Thai Kapi, it is much better)

2. Mince them carefully so that they could be processed smoothly.

3. Using food processor to be processed finely.

4.Ingredients for curry;


Eggplant (Thai eggplant, smaller one, is better)

Thai onion


Green pepper

Coconuts milk


5. Grill chicken and others on the pan

6. Pour coconuts milk divided in twice

7. Add nampula to adjust the taste

8. Completed

It is happy in Tokyo area to find rather easily those local ingredients.

Thank you for Thai people !!