“Jang san, I did it!! I came to Korea to see you!!. But how can I see you ??”

I see my bringing on hands. Passport, some money, credit cards and mobile phone. Definitely mobile phone should not be used here. But only for the safety, I sent a message to Jang san.

Then, what is the immediate issue ?

Suddenly I feel I am quite hungry. Starving to death.

Then, where I can sleep tonight ?

I looked my watch. It shows at around 17:00. For safety, I look for other clock around here. There is. And it is the same as of mine. 

I went to the money exchange at the Kimpo Airport.

Surprisingly, they refused to accept my Yukichi Fukuzawa !! I feel some atmosphere to be in trouble if I stay here any more, looking at the face of the bank staff. Then I felt there quickly.

Actually I am in a loss.

I almost thought it was mistake to go on this Virtual Trip.

No, no, there should be a way. Still I could enjoy it.

I find the exchange machine over there. I try it. It took some time, but I got Korean WON !!

Credit card can be used, luckily.

I am a little bit familiar with Seoul city because several times I have been here on business.

I took a limousine bus to center of the city called “Myondon”. And immediately I went straight to Korean barbecue restaurant. No need to study which one is suitable. Just to see where is most busy. There are so many barbecue restaurants around here.

“One person”

“Seat anywhere you like”

I learned a little Korean language.

“Kalbi (Korean ribs) for one person”

It is quite easy to order. Then immediately several side dishes were served, like Kimchi.

“Excuse me, a bottle of beer, please”

Now, I feel relaxed. So far everything looks fine, except waiting for the chance to see Jang san.

I remind the case at the airport. Actual bill could not be used. But credit card could be used. Why ?

Probably, bill is for the REAL WORLD, then credit card is for the VIRTUAL WORLD. When I came back to the real world and if there is some change from the real world, maybe it became difficult.

I need to study which one is from the real world, and try not to touch them.

Passport…. It was OK because WARP was before immigration in Japan, and after immigration in Korea. Try not to show passport to the immigration.

In any way, Korean barbecue is always extremely delicious !

A large lump of beef ribs cut elongated are put on a net of steel. Fire is from charcoal.

Actually, it is different from Japan. In Japan usually it is already cut into smaller pieces. In Korea in a lump, then cut into smaller pieces on the net after barbecued. More dynamic !!

After the barbecue, I like Korean cold noodle at the end. This is the course for me.

Refreshing soft taste after heavy dishes. Quite natural.

Even though only by myself feeling a bit lonely, however, I have enjoyed much for dinner.

The next one is to find lodging for tonight.

Of course I do not need a deluxe hotel. I know there are traditional Korean Inn, like a Japanese Ryokan. In Korea, usually no breakfast, no dinner, only to sleep. And no bed, with oriental Futon. Yeah, it is OK for me. I like it. I know where there are such Inn located. Of course not on the main street. On the back street surrounded by traditional smells and a view.

Here at Korean Inn, conversation at check in is also quite simple. “Any room available? How much for one night ?”  That is all. I could do it. No need of a formal registration with passport. Thanks

Today was a busy day even only mentally. I prepare Futon by myself without taking a shower.

I think again how to meet Jang san. I do not think what would happen tomorrow when I wake up.

A: The same in 1988 in Korea

B: In Tokyo Japan in 2022 before WARP

C: Another different.

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