HOLDING AN ASSIGNMENT IN MY MIND to come back to Hong Kong again, I checked out at Chungking Mansion, and went to Kai Tuk Airport. Because I am planning around the world trip, and I can not stay in one place so long.

Regretfully, I will have no more chance to fly from Kai Tuk Airport and enjoy acrobatic landing…

The next place should be Thailand. Because there is Nugleng Bar (6683 266 4714), which is operated by Chanudom Pungnoi. He is a FB friend of mine. In fact, from the very early stage.

This is the third time WARP, and I think I got a little bit familiar. This time I really want to WARP to the current day to see Chanudom in the real time. Not in Korea to lose the chance to see Jang san, not in Hong Kong to see Ben Tan.

It should be another kind of concentration to WARP to the real time. In front of the check-in counter of the Thai Airways, watching the flight time from Hong Kong to don Mueang Airport, I am concentrating to think about Chanudom Pungnoi.

I got a feeling to perceive of WARP like previously, then I realized I am walking to the taxi stand at the airport. It is Suvarnabhumi Airport ! and it is April 23, 2022. I got it !!

Now I am in Bangkok.

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. However, it is said local people call it in another name,

Krungthep Mahana Korn.

Exactly the name is so long. It is said the longest name of the city in the world !

Anyway, Krungthep Mahana Korn, which is “THE CAPITAL CITY OF THE ANGEL”.

Good!!  Let’s look for the angel !!

When I think about Bangkok, I got a mind of Chao Phraya River and Wat Phra Kaeo (Grand Palace).

Probably the god is dwelling there together with Angel !!

After that I will go to Nonthaburi to see Chanudom.