The flight to Penang was through Hong Kong Airport, because HE thought it was more convenient than from Shenzhen Airport. Difficulty was that, it was not predicted how long it took for immigration from China boarder. So, HE woke up very early in the morning to take flight at 11:15 from Hong Kong Airport. Finally, it was rather smooth at immigration.

At the Hong Kong Airport after checked in the flight to Penang, HE took a breakfast. Again in Hong Kong.

Dim Sum is always relaxed.

Arriving in Penang.

HE used to visit Penang for a few times long time ago because there was a warehouse of his company, the company HE used to work, in Penang, exactly in Butterworth which is in opposite side of Penang. It was long, long time ago

Penang is an island, and traffic is not so established. Moving from the airport to the downtown, Georgetown is either by taxi or by bus, most usually. When HE worked for the company, HE took a taxi because it was convenient. However, on this trip, his rule was basically “public transportation and/or on foot”. Therefore HE moved to bus stop without any hesitation, after changing some money. Even though HE had learned how to get to the downtown on the website already, however, HE needed to be back to the airport to ask information staff a few times and then also asked to a tourist waiting for the bus. In fact, website information was either bus 102 or 401, and information staff tole me to take 401 however, there was no indication of KOMTAR, bus terminal which is in center of downtown on bus route 401…..

Anyway no need to worry, 401 bus came and I got in and told the driver, “TO KOMTAR”.

It was OK.

Komtar is the highest building in Penang, therefore, it was easily recognized when it was approaching to downtown. HE was viewing the outside scene from the bus window all through the bus transit !

Arriving at Komtar bus terminal. It took about 45 minutes. Finding the hotel was also rather easy using Google map. Checking in the hotel, then of course immediately going to 天后宮 using Google map! (Thean Ho temple, 海南寺院– it was built by 海南people)

Thean Hau Temple in Penang

HE was surprised there were a lot of Chinese temples. Not only Chinese, but also Indian, Mosque, Christian, and Buddhism. It was a department store of religion !! HE was sincerely praying to 天后宮 most, in connection to Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Penang.

Now in the evening. HE felt he was seriously hungry because of no time to take lunch. Penang is called as “paradise for foodie”. HE studied on website there were a lot of food court. Also near his hotel, which was called as “Kimberley Street Food Night Market”.

At first HE ordered Penang Laksa (Assam Laksa). It was in suitably mixture of “sour and spice”.

Then later some other dishes which were all so satisfactory to him.

The next day HE wanted to visit nice cafe also checked on the website.

— To be continued to BB–