When I arrived in Jakarta, surprisingly it reminded into my mind that I went to Indonesian restaurant in Japan the other day together with my Indonesian friend.

His name is Eddy-san who has been staying in Japan for a long time.

It is Monggo Moro, in Shinjuku (03-6380-2911).

It looked so unique that there was no menu on each table.

Customers come to the showcase to see the dishes of the day. Customers choose main menu. Then several side dishes are added like for the course menu. That is all.

It was really family atmosphere. It was really family taste.

Rendang is my favorite.

And, I learned here that in Indonesia, some people or many people use hand to eat meals.

Then here at Monggo Moro, finger ball is served. And master of this restaurant told me funny stories that a customer complained that “Dishes were not hot enough!!” Master replied that “Some customers use hand to eat, then very hot dishes mean rejection for them !!”

Oh, we need to learn each custom and habit for eating. It is, of course, interesting as well.

Then, here in Jakarta, what kind of restaurant with its culture I will face with Aulia !!

Jalan jalan ke shinjuku‼️ mampir warteg Jawa “ MONGGO MORO 🇲🇨“