I got a concentration to warp to current Yangon in 2022, which was in success. Really I am familiar more.

I just thought I wanted to see somebody when I saw at Coffee Festival in 2018, nothing in detail. Firstly what can I do ? Probably I can go to the place for the festival. I remember it was in People’s Park, because it is located close to Shwedagon Pagoda, which is one of the most popular place to visit in Yangon. It was a little bit pity I got no time to visit the Pagoda last time because it was not manageable by myself.

I had a walking in Shwedgon Pagoda and People’s Park carefully, but of course nothing was of a help to see somebody.

Then, I went to Yangon Educational Center, because I know that some students at the Festival were from Yangon Educational Center. I found that it is only 1.5kimoleter far. I can walk!

It is quite a fun to walk along main street in Yangon.

At Yangon Education Center, I showed to staffs there several photos at the Coffee Festival.

Many staffs were kindly gathered and quite easily I got a success !

“This lady is now working here!”

The staff was so kind more to ask her to come here quickly. I had careful introduction about myself to ask if we had some time today after work. She easily accepted because she is a teacher there and had a special interest about Japan. We had an appointment at “Tokyo Coffee and Café bar” which is very close to People’s Park.

She came to the coffee shop exactly on time. We introduced each other again. She said, “please call me, Myo-san”.

We talked each other so long about coffee in Myanmar, and in Japan.

I got an image of coffee in Myanmar, almost Myo-san agreed on them. Then I talked her about coffee in Japan. On this point also she knows well. Then, no need to talk ?!

Yes, yes. My purpose is to see the real young generation who has huge potentiality in thee future. Myanmar is, sorry to say, rather solid society. However, younger generation should be different. They should have potentiality to develop the future by themselves.

For example to compare between tea and coffee, I got special interest that coffee is one example to develop the future, and lifestyle. Myo san looks confident herself and she appealed herself to be connected with Japan Most probably she got a chance to come to Japan. Then at that time I could introduce my daughter to Myo-san who is in the similar age !

Of course, my daughter could come to Myanmar as well.

On the last question I asked Myo-san if she likes Lepet-so. She replied yes, and asked me why.

“Lapet-so is one of the best match with coffee !!

東京のミャンマー@Aung Coffee in 牛込 珈琲&店長インタビュー