I WORK UP on April 1st to see the world of a drastic change, as usual.

However, of course, nothing is changed. The yesterday’s mask is found in a dust box. The new one is prepared at somewhere in the entrance. A TV program is announcing yesterday’s number of infected people.

I am trying to remember the communication between Jang-san through Face Book Messenger chat. However, it was not clear. Furthermore, it became ambiguous time by time. Finally I wonder I was in a dream at that time. But Messenger shows just a record of the communication with a duration.

OK. I need to be relaxed. I need to follow up every day’s custom in almost 40 years! I am going to boil water in a pot. I am going to put a large spoonful of coffee bean in a coffee mill, then grind it slowly. Keep the constant speed. After boiled, I take a coffee server with a paper filter from the shelf. Put a grinded coffee in a paper filter, then serve 90 degree hot water slowly. Do not hurry up even though there is not enough time in the morning in order not to avoid the whole day.

As far as keeping such a regular rule, the distinctive coffee aroma is spreading in the kitchen. This is a supreme relax for me in more than 40 years..

OK. Suddenly a few key words are appeared.




Well got it.

Jang san is inviting me the virtual trip to Korea through necessary concentration at the airport.

I remember the sense of before the WARP at the gate of boarding. I need to go to the airport quickly. But a question is which airport, Narita or Haneda. I do not want to waste time or chance to WARP. Do I need to ask Jang san again ? I do not think it is better. It should be of my decision. I carefully try to remember each sense of before the WARP at Narita and Haneda. Then realized, for me, it is much more fascinating at Narita.

I check the flight schedule of ANA from Narita to Incheon. There is NH6971, departure at 13:20, arrive at 15:50. No need to check the rate because it is virtual ! No need to bring many goods like several change of underwear, just a passport. Of course mobile phone and some money.  

I go to Shinjuku limousine bus terminal. Limited limousine bus service is still available. There are several ways to go to the airport including all through taxi. But airport limousine bus is, for me, most fascinating. The bus from Shinjuku terminal started at 10:00. I see only one passenger other than me.

Arrived at Narita airport, then go straight to check in counter. However, I found out I could not go through immigration and go to boarding gate… What to do ???

There should be some other places to WARP. I walked around inside airport area, and guess observation deck is the one. YES, I found NH6971 already waiting at the gate !

It looks like concentration is not so difficult, because I got already so many experiences. Just it is important to find the place.

I am concentrating to take that airplane, to see Jang san in Korea.

Then, suddenly I realized I was walking out from the gate. Just surprised that it was at Kimpo airport. Not Incheon. Furthermore, date f the boading pass is different from I checked. It was on Sep.17, 1988. I see so many posters of Seoul Olympic !!

Koreana – Hand in Hand | Opening Ceremony Seoul 1988 | Music Monday