Sorry it is about my individual issue.

I think I was born in tough, thanks to parents. At the age of 63, currently, I can spend every day without any worry of basic problem. However, of course, I can not avoid AGING. In Japan (I am talking about office workers), every year we have a chance to get a medical examination for the general points as for a rule. Honestly speaking, I feel fear to get an examination and listen to its report. Sometimes I needed to have further examination to check more…. and last year I got medical operation twice…..Fortunately both were executed successfully, and no need of worry of recur.

Even though, I have one more “hidden” problem.

Several years ago after examination, I got informed about possibility of “PANCREATIC CANCER”. Then I got suggestion to get more detailed examination at the specialize hospital, NATIONAL CANCER CENTER. Final result was “NOT A CANCER but a CYST OF PANCREAS. No need of any treatment, but just to survey if there is no growth of cyst, by an examination twice a year. Yesterday I went there to take it, and after two weeks, I will see the doctor to listen to the result.

For the long time until about 10 years ago, I never be cautious about the health. I never wish to be close to doctors. However, in these years I have a strong daily care, and highest appreciation to the MEDICAL WORKERS. Almost admiration! In fact I feel that all their attitude of treatments are DEVOTION. What can I do for them as a return ?

Probably another 20 years or so, I think I will keep this style. However, question is after that.

Most probably I want to leave all my body as NATURE FLOWING, or GOD’S INSTRUCTION. That means no examination, no treatment, no seeing doctors.

This is my idea at this stage. I got an interest to listen to the others, and how it change later !!

In any way, the most important point currently is TO SPEND EVERY DAY MOST SIGNIFICANTLY.