Rocky Balboa – Theme Song (HD)

There is very popular course for citizen-runner in Tokyo, around Imperial Palace with 5km circle, no stop by traffic signal.


I came back from China 5years ago. At that time, to be frank with you, I got seriously embarrassing time, and everything were going on different direction than I wished. Then I saw full Marathon (42.195km) invitation (Yokohama Marathon). Full Marathon was too high challenge for me, even though I had tried half marathon several times. Quite different !!

In any way, I needed breakthrough, definitely. After applied, I had training on this course so often. On a freezing day, on a bit rainy day…”NEVER BE DEFEATED BY MYSELF“, all on the way crying.


Then, the result…… It was not bad. Only the problem was that, after finished, I sat on the grass for an hour without doing anything. Could not move at all. (It was OK. The next day I could go to office as usual.)


Why I suddenly went there today ?? In these long time I stopped training due to some individual situation. Then, every single day I felt the similar uncomfortable sense of helpless due to desolate world of COVID19. What can we do ?? We must do something !

Running is not a object, but to deliver the power for concentration. “NEVER BE DEFEATED !!”

Oh, I realized that today is a day COMING-OF-AGE. It brought me back to 20 years of age !!

There is nothing other than challenging !! All the road, trees, birds on pond were softly twitted, “WELCOME BACK!!”


It is just today. I know the importance is TO CONTINUE. The next 3rd time, can run 10km, the next 5th time, can run 15km, the next 10th time, can try half marathon….. No, no, it is just calculation. We are human beings. I need more interesting motivation. That is another question!!