If GOD gives me a chance to take a time-machine, oh, it should be quite tough to choose the best time, however, one of the target is in 1966, Dec. and Jan. in Shinjuku.

There was a special event called “THE DRUM BATTLE” in Nov.1966 with Elvin Jones, Tony Williams and Art Blakey for drums. After that event, there was a serious happenings for Elvin Jones to get suspicion holding drugs. Finally it was not proved, but long time he could not leave Japan to USA. There came serious problem to lose money to stay. Then, so many people supported Elvin Jones in Japan. One of the proposal is to have performances at PIT INN.

It was quite unfortunate for Elvin Jones, but fortunate for many musicians in Japan, because he in ELVIN JONES!! Also so happy for the audiences throughout in Japan. During these happenings, finally, Jazz ENTHUSIASM in Japan has established, probably.

There is a close reference on the booklet, “50 years at Shinjuku Pit Inn”(新宿ピットインの50年)

Also, there are interviews of many of Japanese top musicians who played together with Elvin Jones at those time.

Fumio Itabashi (p), Nobuyoshi Ino (b), George Otsuka (ds), Isao Suzuki (b), Terumasa Hino (tp), Yosuke Yamashita (p), Kazumi Watanabe (g), Sadao Watanabe (as).

And Fumio Karashima (p) (official Elvin Jones Jazz Machine member from 1980 through 1986)

A Love Supreme – Elvin Jones in Japan 1988

In fact, it is the time of ENTHUSIASM !!