HE thought HE would like to travel to several countries in South East Asia at time when HE retire of business carrier, where HE had deep and warm-hearted business relationship with so many business friends.

After serious study, then, finally HE decided his schedule of the travel to HONG KONG, SHENZHEN, PENANG,SINGAPORE and HO CHI MINH. All the cities are very important area for sea freight, sea port. HE was engaged in logistics business, and was familiar enough.

After HE finalized his schedule, suddenly HE went to TOKYO MASO TEMPLE in Okubo/Shinjuku, where HE got GOD’s revelation that HE needs to visit MASO TEPLES at all the places there. HE knows a little about MASO (or MAZU) that it is a Chinese sea goddess who protects sea travelers, and there are so many temples where overseas Chinese people are staying in South East Asia.

YES! HE needs protection from MASO in each area in order to complete the safe journey, HE thought.

Now starts!!

Zero: Tokyo

HE made a rule to go with LCC (Low Cost Carrier) and all the transportation on foot or bus/ subway, NOT taxi, because HE wished to see the real LOCAL as much as possible by his own two eyes. Therefore, his journey starts by HONG KONG EXPRESS flight leaving at Haneda Airport at 6:35. Of course no public transportation is not available to meet its schedule. Of course hotel stay in day advance is not planned. His first experience to sleep at the airport together with so many other people….. which was so interesting, expecting new discovery.

1: Hong Kong

Arriving at Hong Kong Airport at 10:50, almost on time. Of course immediately HE went to TIN HAU TEMPLE/ Yau Ma Tei(油麻地), taking a public bus from the airport. HE seriously prayed to goddess for the safety at stay in Hong Kong, watching and following other many local citizen are doing.

After serous pray at TIN HAU TEMPLE, HE walked around the temple, there HE found the street called “Temple Street”(廟街). HE only know about this street on the website, but first time to be here. It was around noon time, too early for the night market, however, it was surprising for him that HE found so many ladies standing there. HE understand what kind of job they are doing. And also HE realized they are not MASO for him. He left there.

HE walked in Hong Kong downtown throughout the day, walking and walking, reminding the past experience when HE was working in logistics.


In the evening, HE went to the Victoria Harbor, where many times HE had been when HE was in too much headache due to business toughness and or business relationship. Always HE was relieved after enough view at the harbor.

HE strongly came to believe MASO for him is staying here. HE prayed again more seriously only inside his heart. Then, HE came to remind many of business friends working together previously. All of them were calling out to him, “WELCOME TO HONG KONG!!”.

After talking with them enough, he went to the guesthouse which HE has booked in Tokyo. It was in Mongkok area (旺角)It is called “the town never sleeps”. HE understands it, but HE shortly went to bed after much walking. The next day HE moved to Shenzhen by bus from Mongkok to 皇岸 where there is an immigration in Shenzhen/ China.