“How came that you had a plan to travel to Italy only for a week !?”

“No, for a four days to Italy, then another 4 days to other countries. It is Japanese company to accept maximum a week for a holiday !”

“Oh my GOD!!”

It was a conversation between Italian business friend and me when I was staying in UK. At that time, long time ago, we planed to visit to Italy (and other countries) for a holiday together with my wife.

It was very much fun and memorial visit in our lifetime. Every single place is beautiful. Every single dish for lunch/ dinner was nice !!

After twenty years from the first visit, we visited there again together with my family. It was a whole week only in Italy, in order not to be scolded by my friend! However, the same. WHY ONLY A WEEK ??

Also, I always think it is another strange, special skill of Japanese that we had a journey in a very concentrated schedule. For example;

4 nights in Rome, 1 night in Firenze, 1 night in Vienna and 1 night in Naples. (to see BLUE GROTTO).

Probably that is why we were called as “KAMIKAZE” or “KARATE” !!

Definitely it is to get the psychophisical balance to see the beautiful place, as well as to see a beautiful pictures of an artist, in an emergency Covid. Thank you very much.