“Which seats do you want ??”

Ticket sales person asked us. At that time, 40 years ago, there was no Internet sales. Ticket booth was most popular.

“The front row seats, please!”

My friend and me replied in exited. We got 3 tickets each for 3 days concert. Those were of SADAO WATANABE. HOW’S EVERYTHING LIVE AT BUDOKAN. It was an ACHIEVEMENT in Japanese Jazz long history with collaboration of Dave Grusin and NY top musicians, and 100people orchestra!! Even now it was unbelievable how could be done. At that time we were staying in Osaka, very far from Tokyo (BUDOKAN)., and we went to Tokyo only to buy tickets, and had long wait to open ticket booth….. Oh we were young……

Sadao Watanabe is one of a hero in Japanese Jazz. He has been taking leading position in Japanese Jazz consistently, after his visit to Berklee college of music, and returned back to Japan. It was in 1965. Nowadays so many Japanese musicians had an experience to learn at Berklee,however, around 55 years ago, it was only the second case. (the first one was of Toshiko Akiyoshi, also the great innovator of Japanese Jazz).

In 1965, I was only 5 years old, of course no interest in such Jazz music, and it took 10 years to get to know Sadao Watanabe, and his great music and works. One direction for traditional. One of the top is BIRD OF PARADISE with THE GREAT JAZZ TRIO, and another direction for fusion. One of the top is MORNING ISLAND with Dave Grusin and NY top musicians. Then a few years later, we got news of HOW’S EVERTHING 3 DAYS concert with more than 100 musicians !! We could not suppress excitement at all. We were in wonder WHAT IS HIS REAL THE TOP , up and up ???

And, how was the concert for me ?? Oh it is a great pity that at the concert time I was on the bed in hospital by sudden disease. What an excitement and desperate !! Anyway it is one of a life. And that happenings made more close with Sadao Watanabe beside me and Jazz music in throughout my life !!

Thank you very much.