There is a type of musician who can not stop playing when gig becomes high.Kazumi Watanabe is such a typical musician. My stress from tough job or complicated human being relationship becomes clear completely when I face his non-stop playing. It is very important for me.

It was around 30 years ago when I was younger, I thought there were many people who had the same character of mine. At that time I wished I got a girlfriend who became more close to me. I was trying to gather all the courage inside myself, and invited my girlfriend to ROPPONGI PIT INN**, where KAZUMI WATANABE had a hot play. It was good she followed me. It was good KAZUMI WATANABE’s play was sooooo excited for me as usual. However, my girlfriends looked not so nice. After the play I asked her, “how was his play ??” Shen replied stiffly, ” I know you removed your stress, however, for me all your stress were moved to me !!” Ahhhhh there are different character in each human being.

** ROPPONGI PIT INN (1977-2004): It was called as “MECCA for FUSION IN JAPAN”

KAZUMI WATANABE was born in 1953. His debut in professional guitarist is when he is 17 years old. At that time there was a fame that “17 years old genius guitarist has appeared !!”. After that continuously he has been running in the top of Japanese Jazz guitar scene.

The most popular albums;

KYLYN 1979 (with Ryuichi Sakamoto)

TO CHI KA 1980 (with Mike Mainieri)

MOBO 1983 (with Marcus Miller and others)

And so many….

There is a famous rumor that when Miles Davis came to see KAZUMI WATANABE on his play, he invited him to join the session with Miles Davis. However, oh it should be highest pity that Kazumi-san could not get his meaning well. (I can imagine….)

It is unfortunate that historians can not say “IF”

No, no we can say. “IF AT THAT TIME KAZUMI san had a session with MILES DAVIS, how was changed in 1980s Jazz scene ??”

Kazumi Watanabe ‎– Mobo I (1984)