Let’s be back to the 80s. in Kyoto, Japan with the eye-catch photo.

Kyoto is the very famous ancient city in Japan. It is filled with culture and beauty, especially with youth culture. You can imagine on it with this photo. Oh anyway, it is old…….. but this was actually the day when I was an university students.

This photo is for BIG BOY. Unfortunately it was closed already (as same as the other many cafes…..)

Even though I was staying in Osaka at that time, next city to Kyoto, I had no chance to visit there. Very unfortunate!! However, the same atmosphere, I understand, I had been feeling.

Thank you, kameblues-san, Twitter friend, shared it there.

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And, more systematic consideration on KYOTO Jazz scene, called “KYOTO JAZZ KISSA MAP” website is available.

「ジャズ喫茶最盛期知らない世代」が調べた京都ジャズ喫茶の歴史への考察 - 京都ジャズ喫茶マップ

I stay in Tokyo, eastern part in Japan, and Kyoto is in the west. Not so many chances we have to visit there, but always with to visit there. It is very interesting that Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe, each neighbour city in Kansai area, has individual unique culture. Probably the same for the Jazz cafe culture !!

Later I wish to have ” A Tale of Three Jazz cities in Kansai”.

Thank you very much for reading.