I am not sure how many times Steve Gadd has been to Japan. His first visit was in 1974, I heard, as a member of Herbie Mann (fl) band.

Since then, he has been developing his incredible carrier for not only fusion but also jazz and rock. At the same time together, he showed his develop to Japanese music lovers, side by side!!

As a member, he left so many records/ CD of “LIVE IN JAPAN”.

Most favorite for me is “SMOKING IN THE PIT“. (eye catched)

recorded in Dec.,1980 at ROPPONGI PIT INN, Tokyo

Mile Minieri (vib)

Michael Brecker (ts)

Don Grolnick (p)

Eddie Gomez (b)

Steve Gadd (ds)

Kazumi Watanabe (special guest, g)

All the members were GOD even as of that time.I listened to that at the age of 20, when I was in the most sensitive time. Maybe therefore, it is the most impressive.

If I can say just personally, I got shock by Steve Gadd and Michael Brecker. Of I sincerely wish I could be back to 1908 at Roppongi !!

The next one is HOW’S EVERYTHING.

recorded in July 1980 at BUDOKAN, Tokyo

Sadao Watanabe (sax)

Dave Grusin (key, conductor)

Richard Tee (p)

Eric Gale (g)

Jeff Mironov (g)

Anthony Jackson (b)

Steve Gadd (ds)

Ralph Macdonald (perc)

Jon Faddis (tp)

The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra with 100 members !!

Both record/ CD are of 1980, when there was the HOTTEST FUSION BOOM in Japan.

Especially for HOW’S EVERYTHING, I got a private but the pitiest memory in my life.


Again, strongly I wish I could be back to 1980 !!