There are 4 huge mountain range in Sadao Watanabe global development.

  1. New York Fusion
  2. L.A.Fusion
  3. Brazilian Music
  4. Africa

AA: Sadao had a first visit to Nairobi, Kenya in Jan. 1972, which was extremely vivid experience for him. After returned back to Japan, he released the first African Impression album, SADAO WATANABE (1972).

Sadao Watanabe (as), Masayuki Takayanagi (g), Hiroshi Fukumura (tb), Fumio Itabashi (p, key), Mitsuaki Furuno (b), Arihide Kurata (ds)

BB: The next one is more African with Inter African Theater Group, live recorded at Iino Hall Tokyo in Sep.1973, “KENYA YA AFRICA”.

Sadao Watanabe Meets Inter African Theatre Group Kenya Ya Africa

CC: Then, “MBALI AFRICA”, also live recording in 1974.

Sadao Watanabe (as), Terumasa Hino (tp), Hideo Miyata (ts), Takehiro Honda (p), Kazumi Watanabe (g), Isao Suzuki (b), Akira Okazawa (b), Motohiko Hino (ds), Masahiko Togashi (per). with star players !!

DD: Sadao Watanabe performed in Montreux Jazz Festival 3 times. Then the third one was recorded with African taste, “SWISS AIR”. (1975)

Sadao Watanabe (as), Takehiro Honda (p), Osamu Kawakami (b), Shinji Mori (ds)

渡辺貞夫 Sadao Watanabe Quartet 1975 – Masai Steppe

“Welcome Back, Sadao Watanabe !!”

EE: The last one in first half 70s concentrated in African music, “PAMOJA” (1975)

Sadao Watanabe(sa,fl), Hiroshi Fukumura(tb), Takehiro Honda(p), Yoshiaki Masuo(g),
Isao Suzuki(b), Hiroshi Murakami(ds), Masahiko Togashi(perc)