At least for me, 1979 is very important year.

Of course it is due to my individual situation that it was my big turning point to go to university in high sensitive era of myself, however, Jazz history itself proves so.

1 High peak of fusion

2.Strong countermeasure against fusion

The both were crossed in a peak stage. And it’s symbol is LIVE UNDER THE SKY.

  1. Chick Corea (p) special quartet with Al Di Meola (g), Bunny Brunel (b) and Tony Williams (ds)
Chick Corea Night "All Blues" Live Under The Sky '79

In fact, for me, THIS IS ENTHUSIASM, ALL BLUES (Miles Davis). One of the tune I make it a rule to listen on the way to office in the morning. Always got necessary energy for the whole day!!

2. VSOP previously posted;

Two giants, Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea were leading each direction. And interesting point is Tony Williams has both participated in !! He should be a key person as well to bring ENTHUSIASM.

Other program in July 1979;

  • Brazil Special (to be followed later)
  • Herbie Hancock and Chick Core acoustic piano duo
  • Sadao Watanabe Group with Hermeto Pascoal (to be followed later)

It is not just a nostalgia. I think it is important to remind, sometimes, HOT DAYS together with HOT MUSIC. It is not a comparison with current days.