Kazumi Watanabe is definitely the top guitarist in Japan, who was born in 1953, and who has released his first record, “INFINITE” in 1971. He used to be called as “genius guitarist” at his youth. Then, this year 2021 is the 50th anniversary of his professional carrier. Congratulations !!

His carrier is so brilliant.

Firstly started with domestic members in 1979, named KYLIN.

In the same year 1979, he joined YMO world tour as a guest.

Then, in 1980, established immovable fame with TOCHIKA, with collaboration of Mike Mainieri.

Kazumi Watanabe ‎– To Chi Ka (1980)
  1. Liquid Fingers, 2. Black Canal, 3. To Chi Ka, 4. Cokumo Island, 5. Unicorn, 6. Don’t Be Silly, 7. Sayonara, 8. Manhattan FluDance.

Of course, Unicorn is his representative tune. He had 30 years anniversary of TOCHIKA at Tokyo Jazz in 2010.

Kazumi Watanabe, Marcus Miller – Tokyo Jazz 2010 – "Unicorn"

with Mike Mainieri, Marcus Miller, Warren Bernhardt and Omar Hakim.

Then, I would like to add, MOBO in 1983.

Kazumi Watanabe – "All Beets Are Coming"

As his first trial of “DOUBLE RHYTHM”, he performed with Marcus Miller, Omar Hakim and Robbie Shakespere and Sly Dunbar, and others, tune by tune.

When we say double rhythm, it reminds of Ornette Coleman, FREE JAZZ !!, even though style is quite different.

In his 50 years anniversary special event, we would like to listen again of DOUBLE RHYTHM !!