Ureter Stones (尿路結石)are considered as one of the most painful disease. Completely I can agree so, because I had several experience ! Most of the times I needed ambulance because usually sudden attach was at midnight and could not bear at all. Furthermore, the last time on Feb.15th, I got physical operation (called TUL), because my stone was too huge (like 10mm) to expect to be removed naturally.

Fortunately the operation was in enough success, thanks to skillful doctors. Only one hour operation, and left the hospital the day after the operation !! Today on Mar.5th, I feel better and better day by day.

However, honestly speaking, it was not calm to me. DEFINITELY. Why ?? Probably I felt that it was the entrance to experience the “LOSS” of my health and part of body.

Actually I am now 61 years old. Several years later, 10 years later, 20 years later, such loss should increase drastically, I am afraid.

Of course it is the nature. No way to escape from it.

Then, what we can do to keep the youth with vitality ??

I think it is “REGENERATION”.

No way to lose something, but we can recover others by REGENERATION.

For example as for Ureter Stones, it is said that “to drink a lot of water (more than 2 liter in a day)” is the most necessary habit to prevent from recurrence. The circulation of liquid inside the body.

Yes. I have been following such important instruction.

When I became familiar with such a habit, I felt something BORN in my body like reborn.


This is an example.

When we lose something, we need to find and get other thing as REGENERATION.

This is to keep youth and vitality.

Thank you very much.