I was born in Japan, and stay in Japan except several years in UK and China. Oh so long in Japan…

I am not so familiar with other countries situation, however, in Japan, 60th birthday is very important.

  1. In Chinese calendar, 60 years are one large cycle. Then 60th is to be back (還暦). It is worth for being celebrated.
  2. In case for workers for organization, 60th birthday is TIME TO BE RETIRED(定年). (Nowadays it can be extended generally and case by case. In any way 60th is 60th).

3 months ago, I got such a day, and started this blog.

Life is often compared to a voyage. Then, 60th birthday is time to arrive at RETIRING AIRPORT. We need to transfer to other plane. Actually there are several choice. Keeping to take seat on that plane is possible. But seat is changed to smaller one… Transfer is not easy because all need to be coordinated by oneself.

I got the first one, and keep preparation for the second one. (it can be said as TRANSFER as well.)

At the day of such a change, usually it is the time to remember so many issue. I like Jazz very much, however, honestly speaking, in my 30s and 40s, I had seriously less time to enjoy it, because too busy to be survived and keep family. Just now I feel I can be back, like reheating for the DROPPED. Oh strongly I remember how it was hot at later half 10s, and 20s. It was an adolescence, and boiling up with energy and youth sensitivity.

Now I am challenging myself to get again such energy and sensitivity for my transfer to the other plane. Life should be always challenging and interesting.

Thank you very much for reading!