THE NEXT MORNING I wake up to realize still I am in Seoul. I wake up not in bed, but in oriental traditional FUTON, however, it is much different than Japanese type. Korean one is much more colorful. It is in September, no need of heating. However, if in winter, I know there is Korean traditional heating called “ONDOL”. It is the central heating system with the pipe under the floor. It is a kind of floor heating. They say it is very comfortable and warn even though outside is very cold in winter. I have never experienced, but I can imagine it to stay here. Next time I would like to try ONDOL in my real world.

There is no breakfast served in Korean Inn. I would be going outside to have Korean breakfast, then going down at the lobby to see TV. Actually it looked like the room of owner of this Korean Inn. Anyway I asked owner (old lady) if I could watch it, because there was Olympic Opening Ceremony on the video recording. Oh yes, I could not have any idea to see it yesterday because of troubles. Old lady talked to me a lot. It looked like she enjoyed it and excited very much. But unfortunately I could not communicate with her well in Korean language. Therefore, I decided to leave there for breakfast.

Around the Korean inn I stayed, it is the traditional area with a lot of traditional restaurant. In many of Asian cities, it is interesting we see traditional area on just one street back from the main street of modern high building. Here, such a typical one.

I have decided to try “seollengtang”(soup in white with an extract from beef bone). I have once tried it when I came here long time ago.(Long time ago but later than today…. It is difficult to explain…)

Anyway, the same taste I remember. Always I feel Korean dishes are with plenty of energy even breakfast.

Usually such kind of Korean traditional restaurant is not with a chair. We take off our shoes, and sit directly on a floor. Feel relaxed. Here it is the same style floor of “ONDOL”.

After energetic breakfast, still I stay relaxed on the floor. Then I check the mobile phone. It was strange I did not do it last night because I felt mobile phone is from the real world and could not be used here.

But now I see reply from Jang san. She said she could not WARP by herself, and it is quite hard to see each other. No way. If I WARP to 2022, it is OK, which was expected by Jang san.

I asked her what she was doing on Sep 18, 2018. She said she was in Seoul, and thought it a little. One day after Olympic ceremony. She remembered on Sep.18, 1988, she was having tea with her friend at LOTTE WORLD HOTEL coffee shop, because there was a rumor Olympic athlete were staying at LOTTE WORLD HOTEL She was expecting to see Carl Lewis or Ben Johnson.

I decided to go to LOTTE WORLD HOTEL if I could see Jang san 34 years ago. I talked with her on a Messenger video as well. Finally, if I could not see her, it should be OK.

HOTEL LOTTE WORLD is so crowded maybe because so many people had a rumor to see Carl Lewis or Ben Johnson there. Jang san said she was in the coffee shop there before lunch time. I wait in the long line there.

Then I see Jang san 34 years ago at the window side table. It is a kind of belief. What would I do ?? Can I talk to her ? I do not think it is good to confuse between the real and the virtual. It is the world of “BACK TO THE FUTURE”. Therefore, I was satisfied by viewing Jang san from far place.

And decided to leave Korea. My target is around the world. I do not think it would be better to stay here for a week more even though strongly I would like to see the fight between Carl Lewis vs Ben Johnson..

Ben Johnson VS Carl Lewis