COMPLETELY AS EXPECTED, Chanudom Pugnoi is man of so nice and Thai gentleman.

I like visiting Asian countries because so often we feel we could understand each other so quickly only through a quick view.

Of course it is jazz and coffee which helped us to be connected each other, and talked, talked and listening jazz at Nugleng Bar.

In addition, it was surprising to hear that recently it is popular to enjoy Hot Spring and Spa in Thailand. Probably such kind of culture is from Japan. In several WEB site, we see Japanese names.

Chanudom said he would like to go to Japanese hot spring !!

That should be great !!

In fact I got an idea to go to Japan together with Chnudom to visit some of jazz cafés which serve the best coffee.

Before jazz café, why not we are going there.

I think I am more familiar in WARP. I think we can go to hot spring in Japan together from hot spring in Bangkok.

We checked the WEB site and see Yunomori Onsen and Spa. Oh, very much Japanese-like.

ASquare, Sukhumvit 26

It looks like it is much gorgeous for us. But it is OK. We can WARP just before the entrance.

Then, which hot spring in Japan we will go ??

My recommendation is “KUSATSU HOT SPRING”.

It is around 3 hours drive from Tokyo area. One of the strongest hot spring scent, they are spreading throughout the town.

We checked in the traditional looking hotel, and immediately went to the bath.

“It is much better to come here at winter time over viewing snow”.

Chanudom agreed, but he said “even in summer time it is very nice as well.”

This is Japanese relax, we feel each other. And after that we enjoyed Japanese traditional meal in the hotel room.

Always I think I would like to stay at least several days at such a nice hotels, however, we need to leave, because several jazz cafes are waiting for Chanudom !!

4K【冬の草津温泉 夜景 雪景色】最高の映像美とBGMで最高の癒しを / Japan Winter in Kusatsu Onsen Snowfall Night View / リラックス 旅行 観光