WHAT IS THE MOST HONG KONG-LIKE DISHES ?? For some people, it might be Shark’s Fin Soup or Abalone. But for many of general citizen, it should be “DIM SUM“.

When I come up with DIM SUM, I can not stop wishing to go to Hong Kong immediately !!

I think there are two types of DIM SUM restaurants. One is traditional and the other is popular one. The popular one is usually titanic. Many of the restaurants have more than 1,000 seats! Also, some popular restaurants have been trying new wave style. Progressing.

By the way, it is quite interesting to compare with Japanese Sushi restaurants. There are many of traditional restaurants. On the other hand, so many popular ones, called “Rotating Sushi”.

Rotating Sushi restaurants have been trying new challenge in many aspects.

Then, which type of DIM SUM restaurants are more Hong Kong- like ??

Tough questions. Both are so. When we go to popular type DIM SUM restaurants together with many friends in Hong Kong, it must be the time of EXTREME JOY IN LIFE.

However, frankly speaking for me, I think traditional type is more Hong Kong-like. Because Hong Kong history are stuffed enough in such restaurants.

Then, let’s go to one of the typical traditional DIM SUM restaurant.


24-26 Stanley Street, Central

Established in 1933.

Luk Yu is the name of poet in the Tang Dynasty who wrote “the Classic of Tea”.

One of the bibles for tea culture in China

Probably that restaurant is not for sightseeing people. Not for the visit with big group.

Especially in the morning time we see several local people alone or with limited friends to have a little DIM SUM over Chinese tea, sometimes reading newspaper.

I follow that style, even though I can not read local newspaper. But I bought “South China Morning post” on the way to the restaurant at the newspaper stand.

YES. Atmosphere is quite different.

There is a history inside restaurant.

What I see over the corner ??, in the middle of the ceiling ?? between the staffs over there ??

I feel a lot of things, but quite pity that it is so vague and fuzzy….

Probably I need more visits to make it clear one by one.

Of course I decided to come here again tomorrow.