“Nylriam, I would like to treat to KAPE ARAMID” (In Indonesia, it is called as KOPI LUWAK)  I think it is affordable for me in Philippines, even though it is unbelievably expensive in Japan”

“How much is it in Japan ?”

“I had no chance to try it, but I heard that it is around USD30/ cup of coffee, or more or less, actually I am not so sure”.

“Oh crazy!”

Nylriam ordered one more coffee at the same coffee shop when we saw for the first time.

“Dondon, I know you want to visit coffee firm here where KAPE ALAMID is available”

“Do you have an idea ?”

I thought she would like to visit there!

“Do you know Mindanao ?”

“Yes. The second largest island in Philippines.”

“Let’s go there tomorrow where there is a nice coffee firm”.

“It is so kind of you!.

On the way to my hotel after confirmation of rough schedule tomorrow, I was shocked by myself that again I lost the chance to treat something to Nylriam. Always I got kindness….

Tomorrow morning I saw Nylriam at Manila airport going to Davao Airport. She said coffee firm is located in Davao area. But I was surprised to see Nylriam wearing like climbing the mountain.

After arriving at Davao airport, Nylriam was walking straight to the place looks like meeting place for the group tour. There were several people already, and surprisingly anybody were wearing the similar shirts and pants !

“Dondon, you can ask rental here!”

Now I got to know everything. This is a group tour climbing on Mt.Apo which is the tallest mountain in Philippines !!  Nylriam, you are cheating me !!”

How Difficult is Hiking Mt Apo? THE HIGHEST PEAK IN THE PHILIPPINES 🇵🇭