IN FACT I WAS MUCH EXCITED to come to Melaka which is the most major and historical city related to Peranakan.

However, yesterday I was walking around only sightseeing places for taking memorial photos.

Night market is much attractive, Peranakan (Nyonya) cuisine is so nice. Peranakan accessories are so suitable for gifts.

However, at such a sightseeing places, it is so hard to feel the breath of those people of the days.

I was walking on another place close to Jonker street where there was a night market.

Then, surely I got some breath.

Where am I now ??

There is a panel to mention the street name, “JALAN TUN TAN CHENG LOCK”.

Rather calm street. Traditional high society buildings.

Slowly and slowly, I was walking around. Sometimes I stopped when there I feel more smell.

I stopped by a coffee shop to check some WEB site. I learned some of Malaysia history to develop natural rubber industry. There, I see the name again, TAN CHENG LOCK.

Jalan Tun TAN CHENG LOCK is the name of the street praising TAN CHENG LOCK !!

(Tun is the highest title given by the emperor)

For a while I felt like I was driving to the days of NATURAL RUBBER. At time of motorization in USA to need a lot of rubber for tire. Then Tan Cheng Lock made a wealth.

Also, I learned as well about another historic industry, TIN.

Both of TIN and RUBBER, peranakan had an extreme effort to make business. It is of Chinese sense of making business.

However, on the other hand, I noticed that there is some closed atmosphere to succeed peranakan business and peranakan culture. In anywhere, succession is quite tough.

I think I need to keep it in mind, so far what I can do.