All of us attending today’s gig at NO ROOM FOR SQUARES are quite confident that currently in Japan, young jazz musicians layers are extremely thick.

At NO ROOM FOR SQUARES, usually they operate live performance at weekends. However, quite often, the owner is so crazy to have 3 times gigs in a day!!

Today on May 21st;

1st gig from 13:10.

Hatsune Hirakura (p), Nanami Haruta (tb)

2nd gig from 15:30.

Kaito Nakamura (ds), Hinata Ishii (p, sax)

3rd gig from 20:30.

Yusei Takahashi (p), Takashi Seo (b), Naoki Takahashi (ds)

Almost all of them are early 20’s !!

As for the 1st gig;

Hatsune Hirakura= Born in Osaka. Started playing piano from 4 years old. Moved to USA, Berklee College of Music, on 16 years old, and made a lot of sessions there. Came back to Japan in 2020. One of the regular musicians/ first call musicians at jazz clubs in Tokyo area and so on.

Hatsune Hirakura ▶︎ Espelhar

Nanami Haruta= Born in Hokkaido. Started playing piano from5 years old, playing trombone from 7 years old. Moved to USA, Berklee College of Music on 14 years old.

After came back to Japan,she joined Seiko Summer Jazz Camp and got a remarkable record.

The same as one of the most regular musicians at jazz clubs in Tokyo (lady trombone player is not so popular.. )

治田七海 大友孝彰 落合康介 & 北澤大樹@プラス・イレヴン

It is so interesting to see each musician’s character to compare with its instrument.

Piano= Sensitive and powerful

Trombone= generously accepting

This is the fantastic team !!

For reference, individually, I was specially impressed with the last tune at the gig, THREE VIEWS OF A SECRET (JACO PASTORIUS).

It should bee so happy to see such a masterpiece is succeeded to be played by young musicians!!

Cheers !!