I know quality of Myanmar coffee is so high, even though it is not so popular yet.

There is a Myanmar specialized coffee shop in Shinjuku, Tokyo, “A-UN CAFÉ”.

I have been there several times, also bought coffee beans.

In my virtual tour here, I want to visit Myanmar coffee farm. However, quite unfortunately current safe and security situation is not so favorable.

I was thinking long time in Philippines how to visit Myanmar.

YES, there is a way!!

I know there was an event of Myanmar Coffee Festival in 2018(Nov.20-22), where owner of A-UN CAFÉ made a booth to participate. I will try to warp in those days in Myanmar. Possible!

However, to my great pity, I can not see owner, Okudaira-san in Myanmar, because he was the real and I will be virtual, to make the trouble if we see there. Therefore, I only have way to follow him in a shadow. It might be interesting as well.

I understand coffee culture in Myanmar is not so spread yet. Tea is more popular, and even coffee, instant one is popular…..Why such kind of situation even though there are so nice coffee produced!

Of course that is why such event was held, and a great person participated from Japan !!

In fact that event was so significant, and just enjoyable as well. A lot of young breath of Myanmar people !!

Remark: This is a fiction story in reference with following. Thanks to AUNG COFFEE.

2018年11/20(火)~22(木)にミャンマーのヤンゴンで開催されたMYANMAR COFFEE FEST…

Myanmar Coffee Festival 2018 ျပည္သူ႔ရင္ျပင္တြင္ ၃ရက္ၾကာ က်င္းပ