Airport Limousine Bus to the Taipei city goes through highway for around one hour, then suddenly brilliant chinese-red hotel appears on the left side, on top of the hill. TAIPEI GRAND HOTEL. Now I am in TAIPEI! I got surrounded by NOSTALGIA like visiting aunt after a long time, stayed many times.


I love Taiwan. Firstly human being warm heart. Secondly delicious food. Thirdly rustic landscape. All close to NOSTALGIA. In my opinion, “mental closeness is proportional to geographical distance

The first group, TAIWAN, KOREA needs only one time dinner to be well closed. The second group, HONG KONG, CHINA needs two or three times, then the third group South East Asia, needs more. This is my experience.


More than 10 and more years ago in Taiwan, I got such an experience. Of course at a job. Elegant, charming lady gave me soft invitation of dinner after a fruitful discussion. Just it. That was enough. Then some years later seeing again in Hong Kong. No need of time to be back to those days. The flash !!


She went back to Taiwan later on. When I get a chance to see her in Tokyo or in Taipei, no doubt to take time to be back to those days in a flash !!