FEELING MUCH EXHAUSTED AFTER A LOT OF WALKS, and also, after a sleeper train, I went to the bed earlier like crashing. Even virtual moving, feeling should be similar as after the real moving!!

However, I could not be aware whether I could fall asleep actually, for a long time.

Plenty of night dreams with a lot of ghosts were wandering around in my head.

I could not stay there on the bed. I was out from the Inn, and myself were wandering around there. Of course, the direction was finally to the INDIGO BLUE BUILDING.

There is a gateman almost sleeping. I was trying to get in inside slowly. But the gateman was suddenly complaining to me. I apologized quickly and was out from that building.

I found the suitable place to sit down, close to the BLUE MANSION, and try concentrating to think about the ERA OF Mr. Cheong Fatt Tze, expecting to warp to that era.

I realized it was approaching to me.

The next move of the air.

The next sway…

However, finally it was not succeeded. Only took time to waste.

I thought about the reason. Recently I thought I became a little bit familiar to warp. Then I realized that I got no friends here to ask to be invited. That should be!!

There is no way crying for the issues out of control of me.

So I go back to the inn, and try again to go asleep.

The next morning, I went to the local and casual restaurant to take a breakfast.

Many visitors ordered the same one, and I followed it. The restaurant staff told me it is called “nasi lemak” which is one of the typical Nyonya (lady of Peranakan) dishes. It is cooked rice with coconuts milk, usually served with tiny fishes, cucumber and special Malay sauce called “sambal sauce”.

It was really nice of Malay spicy !!

After “night dream of something wandering around in my head”, I was thinking the same one, which is “I AM INTERESTED IN MALAYSIA TO THINK ABOUT THE ERA OF CHEONG FATT TZE”. Maybe it is the most glorious days and Malay characters were established.

To be honest, I am not so interested in the great men in history themselves and glory itself, just I am interested in the local citizens life and way of thinking in those days.

I decide to move to Melaca which is another city of Peranakan related.

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