“May I have coffee bean which is well swelled at dripping ?”

I asked coffee bean shop staff, then he recommended, EAST TIMOR JAS ORGANIC FAIR TRADE.

It was at “MORDIVE SHIMOKITAZAWA” (2-14-7, Kitazawa, setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 03-3410-6588)

Frankly speaking, I am a little bit satisfied with my coffee, every morning grounded and dripped by myself. however, on the other hand a little bit not so accepted that SWELLING was not enough. Therefore, I asked coffee bean shop staff about it.

(It was funny that following customer next to me recommended it as well. “Oh, Mr., I like it very much. It should be nice, I am sure!!”. Such kind of communication became rare at least in Tokyo….)

The next morning, I tried it, then, I am happy !!

By the way, East Timor is not so popular for coffee origin country. It is No. 38th in the world (2020 record). However, it is just east side of Indonesia, and almost in the same latitude area.

Basically it should be the same kind of taste.

I would like to find the chance to visit coffee farm there later !!

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