Mikiko Nagatake has so many kinds of unit with so many top musicians in Japan.

And one of the most powerful regular unit of her own is Mikiko Nagatake Trio with Ryoji Orihara (fretless bass) and Sota Kira (ds). It is from Feb.2020.She released two album with this unit, “Into the Forest” and “Breathe Beneath the Sun”.

Probably it is only of my individual opinion, however, I think the most distinguish character of Mikiko Nagatake Trio came from Fretless Bass, Ryoji Orihara with electric sound.

Then, today on Apr.23(Mon), at Shinjuku Pit Inn, Mikiko Nagatake Trio calls two wonderful guests, Shinpei Ruike (tp) and Nami Kano (ss and as).

Nami Kano is familiar with Mikiko Nagatake for the unit, Jabuticaba. However, Shinpei Ruike is rather fresh for her.

Furthermore, quintet unit with trumpet is very unique for Mikiko Nagatake.

Shinpei Ruike is rather authentic player in tradition. And, probably, he made unique atmosphere in this trio tonight.

YES. This is the Very Special One time Performance. It reminds me of the legendary great performance led by Herbie Hancock in the late ’70. There is Freddie Hubbard, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock and Tony Williams (not Ron Carter…) here!!!!

Only Mikiko Nagatake knows if this special unit can be continuous, not VSOP, or really one time special. In any way, we are happy we have so many chances to face of performance of her in jazz club in Tokyo and in Japan, and shortly in the world !!!

And, it may be a minor point, but I think it is regular that in such a situation, guest musicians plays not in the whole. But tonight, there was no play with only regular trio. All for the quintet or the quartet. Again, continuous VSOP ????

Lucky You !【永武幹子(P)Trio!】織原良次(FretlessBass)吉良創太(Ds) Dec. 10, 2021 Live at Shin-Tokorozawa Jazz SWAN♪