Would you like coffee or tea ??

Waiter/ Waitress were asking us when we had a breakfast at a hotel.

In such a case, we never heard “Would you like Chinese Tea ?”

Why ??!!

When we go to jazz kissa/ jazz cafe, we do not see Chinese tea on menu (except cold oolong tea, Japanese style).

Why ??!!

When we were staying in China, it was well common to try Chinese tea at lunch/ dinner (as far as Chinese dishes). In addition, it was a great fun to try and buy tea leaf at local shop. In fact many kinds of tea I could try…

They are divided roughly into following 5 groups, which is divided by degree of fermentation.

  2. GREEN TEA (similar to Japanese Green Tea) (Long Jing(龍井)is a famous brand.)
  3. BLUE-GREEN TEA (Oolong Tea, Ti Kuan Yin(鉄観音) is a famous brand)
  4. RED TEA (same as English Tea, Keemun is a famous brand)
  5. BLACK TEA (Pu-erh Tea)

In my own preference, I like Pu-erh, Ti Kwan Yi and Long Jing.

Furthermore, there is speciality Pu-erh tea called ” Bin-Cha (餅茶), which is consolidated into hard. This is not so common. If you got a chance, please try !!

Deep in color, almost like coffee.

Deep in taste, almost like red wine.

It matches with almost any kind of dishes, as far as I try.

Oh, already it was finished. I need to buy new one. It is better to go to Hong Kong !!! (after Corona)

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Day by day I feel missing to see lesser Chinese tea,which was given by a friend.


It is called “Bin-Cha”. It is a solidificated Pu-Erh tea.


What would you think of this deep coloring ?? We could feel refreshed with this distinctive flavor and smelling., like Espresso coffee, or Syrah wine.


When I stayed in China, I could try so many kinds of Chinese tea. Basically any kind is OK for me. There is usually specialty Chinese tea shop at the corner of a market. When we were visiting there, sitting on a chair, and we were getting taste of tea in a small cup. After several taste, I tweet like, “yes, this is my favorite”, then purchased after negotiation. Such USELESS conversation was actually one of my best learning of Chinese language!, and a FUN.


At first at a dining together as for the fun of a Chinese tea. Sitting on a chair, then immediately order a tea. Tieguanyin-tea or Pu-Erh tea were the major two.


For example a wine, we can see anywhere to see the producer. For example a coffee, there we can see a SPECIALITY COFFEE category being established.


Basically culture should be not only TRANSITION, but also BIRTHING new culture. In fact I have changed morning habit from coffee to Chinese tea. REVENGE OF CHINESE TEA !!


A lot of TEA WORLD should be the next target for me to research !!