This is the one of the cafe ultimately to be introduced here, maybe, which keeps traditional Jazz cafe atmosphere in around 50 years ago. Rather dark, heavy sounds and a lot of antique goods. Just a difference is price of a cup of coffee !! And maybe previously there was heavy smoke of cigarette as well.

To be funny that name of cafe is 映画館., which is movie theater. First visitors should be confused to see the nameplate. “Why there is such a small movie theater here ??” Then once opened the door, hot welcome of the heavy sounds ! Actually it is said that it was opened initially for the small movie theater.

Master’s favorite is FREE JAZZ. Actually I like to listen Eric Dolphy here. I feel I was brought to 60’s era in New York ! How it could be possible in other places in the world ??

Master said, “Jazz holds fundamental freedom, rebellious spirits, irony and humor”. Peoples who still hold those minds have been commuting here.!

Eric Dolphy – At The Five Spot, Vol. 1 (1961) (Full Album)