“Max Roach and Clifford Brown in Concert”

Jor-Du / Max Roach And Clifford Brown In Concert

What a sincere and straight trumpet Clifford Brown played !!

Always we can feel stretching in our spine to listen to Clifford Brown!!

Thank you for “SWING” today. It was in heavily rain outside….

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時代に取り残されたかのような薄暗い店内。世の中はFUSION の波が静まり始め、MAINSTREAM復帰が顕著になったものの、ジャズ喫茶に広く行き渡るのは難しかったのでしょう。非常に厳しい時代背景が描かれています。そして店のマスターは主人公に店を閉める旨打ち明ける。なんでも、ソルトピーナッツがうまく作れないことを理由にして、そこから「美味しんぼ」としてのストーリーが展開するのですが、そこは省略。

私が時折通ったSWINGには、「レーザーディスク」が備え付けられていました。動画が見られる楽しみで通ったような気がします。CHICK COREA ELECTRIC BAND, INSIDE OUTがしばしばかけられていたのをなぜか覚えています。

当時は違和感は感じることなかったのですが、後で少し疑問は沸きました。何故あの店でELECTRIC BAND ?? (余計なお世話なのですが・・)

雰囲気的には、美味しんぼに載っているJAZZ AT MASSEY HALL がぴったり!

Jazz At Massey Hall – ⑤Salt Peanuts

この時代のジャズを抜群の雰囲気でかけられる店、今ほんと少なくなってきています。都内では、新宿 ナルシスさん、白山 映画館さん、他にもいるかもしれませんが・・山岡士郎と栗田ゆう子が実際に存在しなかったのが悔やまれます。


Address= 4-16, Kamiyama cho, Shibuya ku

Tel= 03-5790-9544

Web= http:www.Shibuya-swing.com




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Shibuya is one of the top busiest metropolis in Tokyo. Especially it is popular for younger age. There is very large scramble crossing in front of Shibuya-station. It is one of the busiest crossing in Japan. After large game event or anniversary event, many of police officers need to attend on this crossing in order to avoid heavy troubles by exited young people. Oh my god.

Nowadays I do not have any intention to join such a crazy carnival, however, around 30 years ago, when I was single, sometimes I came to Shibuya on weekends just by myself. Usually I came to Jazz cafe. At that time there were several prestigious Jazz cafe. However, I got less information, and my route was either to ONGAKUKAN(音楽館)or to SWING.

Unfortunately both were closed. ONGAKUKAN on 2002, SWING on 1989.

(In addition, another prestigious cafe, Mary Jane was closed on 2018, and GENIUS was moved to Nakano Shinbashi on 1989. Oh Shibuya is not an easy location for Jazz cafe operation !!)

Anyway, I went to SWING many times. It was not so in light place. To walk back and back in building, then reach. I do not remember if there is any windows.However, inside the shop, there was nice music any time !! My memories are that, maybe in later days, there was a video show by laser disc. Not record, not CD. I do not know why I remember on such, but several times I listened CHICK COREA ELECTRIC BAND on laser disc !! I liked it. ( Frankly speaking it is one of my mystery why such an updated music the master turned on. In fact it was not so match !!)

Even though initial SWING was closed on 1997, however, a successor came in order to keep Jazz cafe in Shibuya. The name of SWING was transferred.

Cafe image is deeply relaxed with rather relaxing Jazz. Siphone coffee provides another sophisticated atmosphere. (I have not tried, but curry at lunch time is popular menu ( in black color !!)

Cafe information;

Address= 4-16, Kamiyama cho, Shibuya ku

Tel= 03-5790-9544

Web= http:www.Shibuya-swing.com

Open= 12:00-23:00 (better to be double confirmed)

Close= On Thursday and 2nd/4th Sunday