There are three patterns to enjoy meal over listening music.

1: As BGM in restaurants

This is very common. Maybe all over the world. However, music is just a BGM. Never insists. Never be too loud.

2: High class jazz club.

I am not so sure in abroad. Just in case in Japan, there are many such jazz club. Maybe the most famous one is BLUE NOTE TOKYO. Food menu is that of completely sophisticated restaurant. On the other hand, performers are top class in the world. Consequently, whole charges to enjoy there are NOT FOR ME, unfortunately.

3: Casual lunch being provided at lunch time.

This is the case for JAZZ CAFE.

Jazz cafe operation should need wide and sensitive care in details. It is not possible to operate both cafe and restaurant. ( 2nd patterns as above are, without exception, by the large operation).

However, if only for the lunch, it can be. But not so many cafes. Also, not with many menu. Probably serious selection by the owner.

I think major menu are CURRY AND RICE and PASTA. (I do not think Ramen is so popular as well.)

Eye catch photo is of OLYMPUS, KANDA, TOKYO.

Red color curry. Looks spicy, and actual taste is the same. At the finish, we feel some sweat even in winter.

CURRY AND RICE is maybe the top of soul food in Japan. A lot of taste are available. Then, each Jazz cafe who provides curry has each taste. OLYMPUS is in red,another cafe’s one is black…..

Lunch and jazz…. Really it is more like Japanese culture ! I can imagine, for example there is new open of Japanese like Jazz cafe in SOHO, LONDON, however, I can not imagine FISH AND CHIPS are provided there……

It is interesting to enjoy lunch in each cafe as well, and I feel such cafe to provide lunch will be increasing thinking of the future and survival.

Thank you very much.