This is part of a story and record of the greatest HINO family.

Terumasa Hino (tp) (Oct.25, 1942- )

Motohiko Hino (ds) (Jan.3,1946- May 13, 1999) younger brother of Terumasa

Kenji Hino (b) (xx-) son of Terumasa

Motohiko Hino had been considered as top of drummer in Japan (actually he got 22 times No.1 drummer in reader’s poll of SWING JOURNAL.) However, just after new year of 1999, the COLDEST GOD imposed the most cruel notice of CANCER OF PANCREAS.

Cancer of pancreas is considered as the most troublesome disease due to “difficult to be found” and “very quick to transfer to the other organ”. His case was the typical, quite unfortunately.

After he got noticed, even, he had been playing sometimes, but the disease became worse and worse. During those tough times consistently, he got support from his family, his friends and his fan.

It was on March 23 and 24, when Terumasa coordinated special live performance at Roppongi SWEET BASIL 139, titled HINO FAMILY CONCERT.

日野ファミリーコンサート ~日野皓正・元彦・賢二~

Terumasa’s son, Kenji (b) was staying in US, and was invited to join this live performance. Their friend, Masabumi Kikuchi also joined. Motohiko strongly wanted to play there.

However, Terumasa more strongly refused to play thinking about Motohiko’s condition on that day. The next day again, Motohiko more strongly asked to play. Terumasa could not refuse, and only one tune, STILL BE BOP (one of Terumasa’s most popular tune), Motohiko played. All the audiences were on the top of wild cheer !!! The performance…. how to say other than HOTTEST !!

Terumasa… when being brother, should stop, however, when being human being, could not stop….. It was the most tough decision in the life. What shall we do in such a case ????

After the performance, he returned to hospital.Then his last day came on May 13th……..

YES. We know every human being has his time to close. However, as for jazz musicians, we can see BEING SUPPORTED, and after that BEING SUCCEEDED.

Motohiko’s hot spirits and warm heart was definitely succeeded.

For reference, one of his best album is SAILING ICE (流氷)