“OK, DONDON, my first suggestion is …, it is better surprising for you.”

Nylriam took my hands to outside from coffee shop at the Rizal Park Hotel. Inside the hotel is well air conditioned, however, of course outside is very humid. Nylriam is walking on the main street quickly, then raised her hand when she found a very colorful car. I know it is called as “Jeepney”.

She talks something with the driver, and understand it is on the right way with us. We get in.

I really understand it is not possible by myself alone.

Just a several minutes’ drive, a comfortable drive without air conditioned, Nylriam told me to drop.

I see the name of the restaurant, ZUBUCHON.

I understand Nylriam gave me a chance to try LECHON KAWALI (a pig roasted whole).

I just remember somee time ago,I saw a whole pig had been roasted in a beach area in Cebu. A big group of elder and younger, ladies and gentlemen all looked happy more and more during its roasted.

“Originally it is famous in Cebu. But nowadays getting popular in Manila as well.”

“Nylriam, how crispy this skin is. It is nearly as roasted duck in Hong Kong, but of course much more impacted.”

“This is my welcome, DONDON!”.

I think I will treat a cup of Kape Alamid ( Kopi Luwak in Philippines).

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