Definitely Terumasa Hino is one of the top jazz giants in Japan. He has been consistently running on the front of jazz scene in Japan from early 60s.

Just because he is very stylish, once he was very famous to wider citizen on TV commercial. At my younger age, I was also excited to see him on TV. Also, his stylish image came from his carrier moving to New York from 1975. It was something strange that I feel the same as of now, however, sound of “NEW YORKER” is still stimulating to me. Image of him is very match with NEW YORK, skyscrapers, Time square and Greenwich village.

Now when thinking of Terumasa Hino, I was surprised to myself to notice that I had only once to see Terumasa Hino at the concert. It was in Dec.2015. 50th anniversary concert of PIT INN (very popular jazz club in Shinjuku). It was just after when I was back to Japan from staying in China.

There were two topis;

  1. NEVER FORGET 311— Anybody know serious disaster on 311, in 2011. So many artists have been performing some events regarding 311 disaster. For me, Terumasa Hino was most impressive.
NEVER FORGET 311 / Terumasa Hino(日野皓正)

2. Leading come back of Junko Onishi

Junko Onishi is one of top pianists. It is tough to tell, but even for her, in some days very hard to survive in jazz pianist. Thinking and thinking, then decided to be retired. There is very famous story that Mr.Seiji Ozawa attended the final event of live performance of Junko Onishi. After performance was end, she had making some speech, then suddenly Mr.Ozawa stood up, shouting “How came! I can not accept your retire!!”. Oh my god, who else could do it ?? (He supported Junko Onishi to be back to jazz scene and commercially survival.)

There was another person to support her. TERUMASA HINO.

On the 50th anniversary of PIT INN, he brought Junko Onishi as special and surprising guest. In fact we were never noticed in advance. I clearly remember how we were excited to see Junko Onishi suddenly appeared. Terumasa Hino’s introduction was very heartwarming.

Oh how strong jazz musicians tie, maybe all over the world !!!